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Project Management

This seminar will provide tangible ways to increase profits and maximize management and labor efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction. Key topics include: controlling costs, managing labor, negotiation, pricing, and managing cash flow as they relate to project managers. Specific topics include: Maximizing profitability through effective project management; Marketing from a project manager’s perspective; Using the estimate as a management tool; Intro to design/build for the project manager; Profitability through planning & scheduling; Tracking labor productivity; Winning at the change order game; Short interval scheduling; Time management; Negotiation tactics

From Date Through Date Start Time End Time Location Hours CEU
Friday, March 27, 2020 Saturday, March 28, 2020 08:00AM 05:00PM Laurel Event Flier View Schedule Sign-up Online!

Maryland Code Officials - Photovoltaic Training

This workshop is provides a better understanding of methods and materials used in the installation and inspection of 10KW (or less) photovoltaic systems. The workshop will cover the major topics covered in National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 690 and other applicable NEC articles; building and fire codes; and safety standards as they all relate to PV systems. Material offered in the photovoltaic online training program will be reinforced throughout. The workshop will provide opportunity for critical question and answer.

Class not currently available at this time.

NABCEP Associate Course

Intensive online hybrid course with two classroom days for a hands on lab and the NABCEP Entry Level exam. This course is designed to prepare individuals for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Entry Level exam. The class will cover the Learning Objectives as provided by NABCEP. For more information on the NABCEP Learning Objectives or the NABCEP Entry Level PV Exam visit: www.nabcep.org

Class not currently available at this time.

PV Installation Lab

This 12 hour lab will give you a hands on approach to PV installation. You will learn the design of PV systems on Friday and the installation methods you will need to know during the Saturday class. Class outline: Friday evening 6-9 ·         Overview system to be installed ·         Design system and create line diagram Saturday 8-5 ·         Assemble equipment ·         Mark roof for location of L-feet ·         Install flashing and L-feet ·         Install rails ·         Install home-run wires ·         Install modules ·         Complete wiring at DC disconnect ·         Complete wiring at inverter ·         Complete wiring at AC disconnect Turn system on and troubleshoot if necessary

Class not currently available at this time.

Advanced PV: Systems Design and Installation (24 Hours)

24 hour course designed to prepare individuals for NABCEP PV installer Certification. Topics will include: „hƒn In-depth review of NEC Article 690 „hƒn Calculating requirements for conduit runs on roof tops „hƒn System components and proper sizing & spacing for PV arrays „hƒn PV Racking methods and considerations „hƒn Final system commissioning and troubleshooting Prerequisites: Previous PV training such as NABCEP Entry Level and/or experience installing solar PV Systems

Class not currently available at this time.

PV Systems & the NEC

The 7-8 hour, one-day session will cover the 2011, 2014 and 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for designing and installing PV systems. A basic knowledge of the NEC is required since Code basics will not be addressed. Conductor selection, ampacity calculations and overcurrent devices and disconnects will be covered. How to do it correctly and what not to do are items on the agenda. The focus will be on utility-interactive systems. 2014 NEC requirements in major areas related to PV systems will be addressed. Electricians, electrical inspectors and PV installers should attend. PV installers will receive 6 hours of NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) continuing education credits for the course.

Class not currently available at this time.

NABCEP Associate

Intensive 24 hour and 18 hour online course designed to prepare individuals with basic level of electrical knowledge and general understanding of photovoltaics for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Associate PV exam. The class will cover the Learning Objectives as provided by NABCEP with the NABCEP Associate Level examination. A certificate of completion for NABCEP Associate Course will be granted to those who successfully participate in the course and pass the two hour, 60 question exam. Due to the amount of information to be covered, classes will be limited in size. Class information will be compact and fast paced. This course teaches the fundamentals of photovoltaic systems and design. Prerequisites include: Understanding of general electrical terms and concepts (voltage, amperage, difference between power and energy).

Class not currently available at this time.

BPI Building Analyst & Envelope Professional OnDemand and Live Combo

Ecotech Training’s intensive BA/ES Combo Blended Course combines our BPI Building Analyst training and Envelope Professional training into a concise program. The course is based on the BPI Standards, which emphasize the ‘house-as-a-system’ approach to inspecting a home, where all systems are interconnected: from the HVAC equipment, to the envelope, the foundation, walls, roof, doors and windows. You will gain knowledge and experience in using diagnostic equipment such as blower doors and combustion analyzers to ensure that systems are functioning together to maximize home performance, comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and durability.

Class not currently available at this time.

Advanced PV Systems Design & Installation (40 Hours)

This intensive five day (40) hour advanced PV course will prepare you to take and pass the NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification exam. It covers the National Electrical Code (NEC® 2014), as well as other best practices that pertain to designing and installing grid-direct and stand-alone PV systems. This course combines class lectures with individual problem-solving exercises covering common design and installation considerations. Prerequisites: Completion of NABEP Associate (Entry Level) course or working experience with PV design and/or installation practices.

Class not currently available at this time.

Solar Inspector Training

For quality assurance or codes personnel, the solar inspector training covers the must know topics for evaluating system electrical, storage, and mechanical components as well as document code violations or installation deviations. Participants can obtain the NABCEP Solar System Inspector certification. Grant scholarships available for Maryland residents. For more information call 240-500-2413

Class not currently available at this time.

Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installation

Provides the knowledge to identify and select components for a residential solar installation and conduct hands-on installation of materials. Participants can obtain the NABCEP Photovoltaic Associate credential. Prepares for PV Grant funding available for qualifying Maryland residents. Apply online HAGERSTOWNCC.EDU/SOLAR.

Class not currently available at this time.

Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Commissioning PV System

This seminar is designed for existing solar PV installers, though it will also provide value to those broadly involved in the PV industry and those looking to become PV installers. As the solar industry grows, there will be an increasing demand for service work. This opens up opportunities for solar contractors to increase their customer base and revenues. This seminar is packed with useful information, tips, and techniques based on years of experiences. **Class qualifies for NABCEP Continuing Education Credits**

Class not currently available at this time.