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Effective Leadership Skills

This in-depth course provides a pathway to leadership by teaching electrical apprentices and journeyman electricians how to enhance their soft skills. They’ll learn: o Ways to work efficiently. o How to collaborate effectively with peers, clients, and management. o How to improve their skills from social to interpersonal to communication.

From Date Through Date Start Time End Time Location Hours CEU
Tuesday, May 05, 2020 Tuesday, July 21, 2020 05:00PM 09:00PM Laurel Event Flier View Schedule Sign-up Online!

Grounding & Bonding

Based off the Nationally-Recognized Course developed by Mike Holt, IEC Chesapeake's "Grounding & Bonding" will provide you with an incredible understanding of article 250 (Grounding & Bonding) and how the 2017 NEC will affect your company. Our course conveniently fits into your work-week, starting late Friday afternoon, and wrapping up Saturday afternoon so you can still enjoy the rest of your weekend. Meets Master Electrical License Renewal Requirements For MD (Approved for 10 Hours for MD State Licenses & Queen Anne’s, Harford, Caroline & Wicomico Counties & 3 Hours in Cecil County), and DE.

Class not currently available at this time.

Hydraulic Bending Seminar

This 4-hour course will teach proper, safe use of a Hydraulic/Electric Conduit Bender from set-up to break-down. The instructor will go over measure deductions, pipe sizing, and common bends, such as 90’s, Kicks, Offsets, and 90’s with a Kick.

Class not currently available at this time.

Building Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Part II

BUILDING ELECTRICAL TROUBLESHOOTING SKILLS (Part 2) This one day continuation of the basic (first day) seminar is designed to provide additional knowledge and skills required when testing and troubleshooting circuits that include solid state components like PLCs, solid state relays (SSRs), Motor Drives, and solid state switches.  More advance problems caused by over currents, sags/swells, transients, harmonics, overloaded neutrals, and heat related problems will be covered by taking measurements and troubleshooting circuits. Participants will build and test electrical circuits that are used to understand how the circuits should operate, and how to test and troubleshoot them. Topics, circuits, and equipment covered include: Learn how to test and wire any IEC (imported) Wye/Delta three-phase motor without using the motors wiring diagram and what the expected readings should be before power is applied and how to troubleshoot the motor after power is applied. Connecting the drives control circuit to different types of sourcing and sinking inputs, to control motor starting, stopping, jogging and direction of rotation. The difference between troubleshooting electromechanical and solid state components. Connect a motor drive to control the speed of a motor using analog inputs (solar panels, potentiometers, etc.). Connecting and testing circuits that include a PLC for controlling the circuit. Testing procedures for testing for phase loss, improper phase sequence, voltage imbalance, and current imbalance.    

Class not currently available at this time.