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Building Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Part I

Hands on Training This hands-on training mini-course provides an overview of electrical circuits and troubleshooting focusing on practical, hands-on techniques for understanding electrical systems and EMD fundamental operating principles, programming, and troubleshooting on common commercial and industrial circuits. Participants will learn by building and testing circuits that include several different types of mechanical and solid-state components, including motors and other common control devices. Topics: How to test and correct power problems like transients, harmonics, and voltage sags and swells; The difference between apparent power, true power, power factor, and how to measure and compare each type; Interfacing a drive to a PLC controlled system; Troubleshooting common electrical problems; Best test instruments to use when testing and troubleshooting different circuit and system problems. Meter types used during seminar include at least 8 different types of circuit testers, DMMs, current clamps, and power quality analyzers.

Class not currently available at this time.