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Effective Leadership Skills

This in-depth course provides a pathway to leadership by teaching electrical apprentices and journeyman electricians how to enhance their soft skills. They’ll learn: o Ways to work efficiently. o How to collaborate effectively with peers, clients, and management. o How to improve their skills from social to interpersonal to communication.

From Date Through Date Start Time End Time Location Hours CEU
Tuesday, May 05, 2020 Tuesday, July 21, 2020 05:00PM 09:00PM Laurel Event Flier View Schedule Sign-up Online!

12 Session Fire Alarm Class

12 Session Hands On Fire Alarm Class IEC National Fire Alarm Systems Curriculum. This Course is based on Requirements specified in NFPA’s National Fire Alarm Code– NFPA 72. This unique and informative 48 hour course will provide qualified journeyman electricians and low voltage technicians with knowledge necessary for working on fire alarm systems. Students will need to bring The NFPA 72 and Hand Tools & Meter to Circuit Testing & Lab Session

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Monday, September 14, 2020 Wednesday, October 21, 2020 05:00PM 09:00PM Laurel Event Flier View Schedule Sign-up Online!

Journeyman's Exam Prep

This 28-Hour class is designed to provide a thorough review of the 2017 National Electric Code (NEC) and the Electrical Calculations you need to know when sitting for your Journeyman Exam. Your enrollment fee includes a copy of Mike Holt’s Exam Prep Text Book. You must have 4+ years of experience in the electrical trade to be eligible for this course. You must also bring your own copy of the 2017 NEC Code Book.

From Date Through Date Start Time End Time Location Hours CEU
Monday, October 05, 2020 Monday, October 26, 2020 05:00PM 09:00PM Laurel Event Flier View Schedule Sign-up Online!

Just for GC's Construction Law Seminar

The Just for GC's Construction Law Seminar will cover many similar topics. All members of the construction industry are invited and will benefit, but we will consider matters from a general contractor's point of view.

From Date Through Date Start Time End Time Location Hours CEU
Thursday, October 29, 2020 Thursday, October 29, 2020 08:30AM 03:30PM Laurel Sign-up Online!

Construction Law Survival Seminars

Mechanic’s Liens - Time Limits, Notices and Claims to preserve rights in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and D.C. Public and Private Payment Bond Rights - Federal Miller Act and State Little Miller Acts Construction Contracts - How to Write, Review and Revise contracts - Conduit, Pay when Paid Clauses and Claims Procedures

From Date Through Date Start Time End Time Location Hours CEU
Wednesday, November 04, 2020 Wednesday, November 04, 2020 08:30AM 03:30PM Dulles IEC Sign-up Online!

Building Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Part I

Hands on Training This hands-on training mini-course provides an overview of electrical circuits and troubleshooting focusing on practical, hands-on techniques for understanding electrical systems and EMD fundamental operating principles, programming, and troubleshooting on common commercial and industrial circuits. Participants will learn by building and testing circuits that include several different types of mechanical and solid-state components, including motors and other common control devices. Topics: How to test and correct power problems like transients, harmonics, and voltage sags and swells; The difference between apparent power, true power, power factor, and how to measure and compare each type; Interfacing a drive to a PLC controlled system; Troubleshooting common electrical problems; Best test instruments to use when testing and troubleshooting different circuit and system problems. Meter types used during seminar include at least 8 different types of circuit testers, DMMs, current clamps, and power quality analyzers.

Class not currently available at this time.

Grounding & Bonding

Based off the Nationally-Recognized Course developed by Mike Holt, IEC Chesapeake's "Grounding & Bonding" will provide you with an incredible understanding of article 250 (Grounding & Bonding) and how the 2017 NEC will affect your company. Our course conveniently fits into your work-week, starting late Friday afternoon, and wrapping up Saturday afternoon so you can still enjoy the rest of your weekend. Meets Master Electrical License Renewal Requirements For MD (Approved for 10 Hours for MD State Licenses & Queen Anne’s, Harford, Caroline & Wicomico Counties & 3 Hours in Cecil County), and DE.

Class not currently available at this time.

Managing Change Orders

This seminar will examine how changes in the scope of work on a project have become an inevitable part of the construction process, If handled improperly, changes can lead to disputes , mediation , and even litigation between you and the general contractor or the owner of the project. Project Managers must possess the Skills and strategies to deal with this most volatile of the project. True cost of completing a change order Establishing a change order process Factors affecting Productivity The Real Cost of Labor Burden Negative Impacts on the base Contract Contract Administration and Cost Accounting Impacts to Schedule Dealing with Fixed Overhead and Profit Mark-up Presentation and negotiation Skills Effective Documentations

Class not currently available at this time.

2017 Changes to the NEC-10 Hour

A 10-Hour Code Seminar focusing on: Major changes to the 2017 National Electric Code (7) hours 2014 National Electric Code, Chapter 3, Wiring Methods (3) hours Approved To Meet Master Electrical License Renewal Requirements For MD and NC, Pending for DE. 2017 Code Class Not Approved in Virginia.

Class not currently available at this time.

Hydraulic Bending Seminar

This 4-hour course will teach proper, safe use of a Hydraulic/Electric Conduit Bender from set-up to break-down. The instructor will go over measure deductions, pipe sizing, and common bends, such as 90’s, Kicks, Offsets, and 90’s with a Kick.

Class not currently available at this time.

Building Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Part II

BUILDING ELECTRICAL TROUBLESHOOTING SKILLS (Part 2) This one day continuation of the basic (first day) seminar is designed to provide additional knowledge and skills required when testing and troubleshooting circuits that include solid state components like PLCs, solid state relays (SSRs), Motor Drives, and solid state switches.  More advance problems caused by over currents, sags/swells, transients, harmonics, overloaded neutrals, and heat related problems will be covered by taking measurements and troubleshooting circuits. Participants will build and test electrical circuits that are used to understand how the circuits should operate, and how to test and troubleshoot them. Topics, circuits, and equipment covered include: Learn how to test and wire any IEC (imported) Wye/Delta three-phase motor without using the motors wiring diagram and what the expected readings should be before power is applied and how to troubleshoot the motor after power is applied. Connecting the drives control circuit to different types of sourcing and sinking inputs, to control motor starting, stopping, jogging and direction of rotation. The difference between troubleshooting electromechanical and solid state components. Connect a motor drive to control the speed of a motor using analog inputs (solar panels, potentiometers, etc.). Connecting and testing circuits that include a PLC for controlling the circuit. Testing procedures for testing for phase loss, improper phase sequence, voltage imbalance, and current imbalance.    

Class not currently available at this time.

Master Exam Prep

A 40-Hour class dedicated to reviewing the 2017 - National Electric Code and Electrical Calculations when sitting for your Master’s Test. A copy of the NEC 2017 Codebook along with 5 + Years experience in the Electrical Trade needed for the class. This class will prepare you to take the Master’s test by providing the basic tools needed for navigating the NEC.

Class not currently available at this time.

Solar Inspector Training

For quality assurance or codes personnel, the solar inspector training covers the must know topics for evaluating system electrical, storage, and mechanical components as well as document code violations or installation deviations. Participants can obtain the NABCEP Solar System Inspector certification. Grant scholarships available for Maryland residents. For more information call 240-500-2413

Class not currently available at this time.

Foreman Training

“Foremen are the key to the success of any project. Foreman must be equipped with the knowledge of what it takes to have an outstanding career”. Course Outline: * Skills & traits necessary for excellence * Maximizing tools * Managing an Motivating your workers * Contract documents * Time Analysis & paper work * Working well with inspectors * Minimizing the impact of mistakes * Analyzing Manpower Needs * Ordering and organizing materials * Coordinating with other trades

Class not currently available at this time.

Basic Electrical Estimating

This course walks electricians through all the phases of an electrical estimate including: Personal Prerequisites, Work Area and Environment, Tools and Misc. Materials Required, Standard Forms and How they are used, Various ways that Computers have affected our Industry Students will also do a complete takeoff of a small office building, including service equipment and feeders, lighting fixtures, lamps, misc., material for fixtures, branch lighting, branch power, and motor connections. The takeoff will include listing, pricing material and labor, extension of materials and labor and Bid Summary. Final Estimates will be reviewed with the class based on Instructor’s Takeoff. Required Materials: Scalemaster or Rotometer, Manual Counter, Calculator Price Includes: 16 Hours of Training, Breakfast & Lunch each day, Manuals & Sample Blueprints

Class not currently available at this time.

Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) Training

If your job is dealing with safety or HR in any way, this class is for you. This is a one week intensive training class to make you a better safety person or give you a strong start in safety.

Class not currently available at this time.

Project Management

This seminar will provide tangible ways to increase profits and maximize management and labor efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction. Key topics include: controlling costs, managing labor, negotiation, pricing, and managing cash flow as they relate to project managers. Specific topics include: Maximizing profitability through effective project management; Marketing from a project manager’s perspective; Using the estimate as a management tool; Intro to design/build for the project manager; Profitability through planning & scheduling; Tracking labor productivity; Winning at the change order game; Short interval scheduling; Time management; Negotiation tactics

Class not currently available at this time.

Basic Data-Com Installation

New expanded Tool Kit with 4-Hour “Hands on Training” to include: Do’s and don’ts of cable handling Terminations – New Compression Style F-Type, BNC, RCA & Standard RJ45 Punch Down 110 – Patch panel & Category Outlets Testing proper termination, cable runs, mapping and preparation for cable certification CATV, CCTV, Audio and Data Style hookups All students will receive an all-new Pro Kit (Ideal Tools #33-505, #33-793, #30-495, and #33-866) that also includes: Tone & Probe, Punch Down Compression Tools VDV tester complete with tool bag with a Trade value of $605.00.

Class not currently available at this time.